Getting started

Welcome to where you can contribute your own biodiversity records. This can be done from your backyard, your farm, on your way to school, or from your office window.

This information will help improve local knowledge in the S2S region and will be harvested into the Atlas of Living Australia. Before you can contribute data you must sign in. Once signed in you can do the following things:

Casual Sighting - any species, any location, anytime

Use this form to record any observation of a single plant or animal.

Multiple-species Survey

Use this form to record more than one species observed at a single site on a particular day (e.g. front garden)

Hollow-bearing Tree Survey

Use this form to help map hollow-bearing trees in the landscape. Hollow-bearing trees are an immensely valuable habitat resource for many native species. Hollows can take over 100 years to develop so are not easily replaced when gone from the landscape.

Record the condition of, or animals found using, nest boxes

Use this form Nest boxes

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What are the expectation?

What are the limitations?