About the project

This project is an initiative between the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and the Slopes2Summit (S2S) partnership.

Not only is the Thurgoona region rich in plant and animal diversity, it is somewhat of a melting pot of rural and urban residents, various levels of educational institutions, Landcare and other community groups, local state and federal government land management agencies, each having a significant role in biodiversity management.

The Thurgoona/Wirlinga area is also the main growth corridor of Albury, with the population expected to increase significantly over the next few decades. The result will be a dramatic urbanisation of what is currently a peri-urban and rural environment. The potential risk of such a diverse range of stakeholders, in the one area, is that communication doesnÂ’t occur effectively if information is not collected, stored and shared in the one location .

This project seeks to help address this risk by encouraging all key stakeholders to record, store and share biodiversity information through the Thurgoona pilot project within the ALA. It also aims to be a valuable tool to engage and and raise awareness of local residents, including new residents, about the local biodiversity values and threats in Thurgoona. The ultimate aim is for the community to continue to conserve these values into the future.